Scott Auctions was founded in 1990, and offers state-of-the-art auctions. Our computerized tracking system is faster than traditional methods and allows us to provide instant print-outs of all transactions for both sellers and buyers.

Jerry Scott CAI CAGA appraiser, has conducted auctions throughout Ohio and in a 4-state region. He offers property appraising in association with Bob Hatfield Realty. Jerry's certification allows him to hold auctions for real estate as well as sales for personal estate liquidation, corporations, fundraising / non-profit organizations, heavy equipment, watercraft and farm equipment.

We offer two types of auctions:

Traditional Auction
Online Auction

Scott Auctions specializes in Multi-Par Selling, an auction method that often generates 2-3 times the revenue of a traditional auction. Click the link below to learn more about Multi-Par Selling.

Multi-Par Selling