Frequently Asked Questions

Q? Why a benefit auction specialist?


A professional auctioneer adds credibility and knows how to get the top price, how to create competition between bidders and brings more profit to any auction than an amateur. It also adds excitement to your event when participants hear a good bid caller.

Q? Can't any auctioneer do the job?


All auctioneers are not the same. Not all auctioneers have the personality for Benefit Auctions. A good auctioneer will add fun, humor and excitement. He will also be well versed and practiced in Benefit Auctions.

You may save a few hundred dollars by hiring someone else or getting a volunteer, but is your goal to save a few hundred dollars or to make several thousand? Your goal, obviously, is to make the maximum amount of money for your organization and that is what Unique Fundraiser's auctioneer will do. After all the hard work you put into this event, why leave it to chance?

Q? What about an auctioneer who is associated with our organization?


Obviously they may want to participate and that can be arranged, but do not automatically assume that they are the best auctioneer for the job just because of their association. If this is one of your concerns, tell us and we will be glad to involve them in the evening's events.

Q? Why should we use your auctioneer and assistant?


Our auctioneer has specialized and perfected Benefit Auctions. He has cried more than 200 of them and raised well over a million dollars for charity. Thom & Jerry are fun, entertaining and very good at their trade. They have been very involved in volunteering and have a real heart for charity. They have
received many accolades for their performances and are the cream of the crop. Do you want any less for your event?

Jerry Scott, Auctioneer

Has conducted over 200 Benefit Auctions and raised over $1,500,000.00 for charities.
"#1 Auctioneer for NWTF in the Sate of Ohio" (Out of some 40 auctioneers used in Ohio) - Mike Larkins, NWTF State of Ohio Chapter President
Member - Ohio Auctioneering Association & National Auctioneering Association.

Thom Collier, Humorist

Has been involved with Professional Fundraising since 1990.
Served as fundraising chairman for more than 10 organizations and dozens
of fundraising events.
Served on the board of dozens of local, state and national organizations.
Received many awards for outstanding community service.
Has performed professionally as a humorist and a stand-up comic.

Q? Why do we need your Step-By-Step Success Plan?


The Step-By-Step Success Plan will walk every chairperson through every step of the Benefit Auction process. It gives guidance and direction in every area from setting up your committees to the duties and responsibilities of each. It includes samples of forms, press releases, printed materials and scripts. It shows suggested timelines and gives hundreds of ideas on who, what and how to (and not to) solicit for your auction. It will reduce your learning curve for a successful auction from 8 to 10 years to 1 to 2 years, save you many hours and profit your organization several thousand dollars. What is that worth to you and your organization?